Our SDK has the following specifications.


We support ARM and Intel architectures. Hardware acceleration is not required for single hand operation though we can run SDK on accelerators such as GPUs, NPUs, and FPGAs. SDK can also be ported to custom platforms upon request.


Our SDK is computationally light and can scale according to available resources. For example, ARM A7 can support static gestures with a single hand. ARM A53 can support both static and dynamic gestures with a single hand. And ARM A72 can support two hands while Intel i5 can support several hands. Custom recognition models can also be created upon request for specific platforms.

OS & Plug-ins

We support Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and iOS operating systems. SDK is written in C++ and comes with plugins for C-Sharp, Java, Python, and Unity. Custom plugins can also be created upon request for specific platforms.


We support RGB (i.e. color), NIR (i.e. near infrared) and Depth (e.g. time of flight) cameras. The SDK can also be customized upon request for 3rd party cameras by taking into account variables such as camera type, imager resolution, camera position, camera speed, and field of view. We also support multi-camera setup.